👋 Welcome to your definition workspace

Hello and welcome from We Are Open Co-op!

This is your Catalyst Definition Programme one stop shop! We put together this "workspace" so that you can easily find overviews, session notes, activities and other resources to track your progress in the project.

As we work with you to develop your prototypes, solutions and ideas, we will update this workspace. It's a bit rough at the moment because we'll be building it together with you!

<aside> 👍 Top tip: At the bottom, you will find quick links to resources you may need, for example, templates and 'how to's


🔎 Details of the project

⌛ Overview

Warning! This is subject to change! As we move through our journey, we might find a rabbit-hole that we want to explore together ;)


📚 Weekly updates

In this section, you will find dates and links to sessions and associated materials. Just below are links to the sessions we've already run. Head down to the "Resources" section for templates, how-tos and links to blog posts.

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Past Sessions

📎 Resources

This is where you can find any resource we share with you. We include agendas and session presentations in the calendar above, but our off-handed mentions, "homework" templates and how-to guides are all here: